Supporting Guinea’s cultural and social development

Since it was established in 2016, the SMB Winning Consortium Foundation’s mission has been to promote and support Guinean cultural projects. Giving a major role to culture in Guinea means actively participating in local and community development by initiating and promoting mutual aid and solidarity.

Over time, the Foundation has broadened its scope of action by also intervening in the fields of education and health. Recently, the Foundation accompanied a major cultural event in Guinean life, “Conakry World Book Capital 2017”. Conakry is the first city in West Africa to have been chosen by UNESCO to host this world-renowned event.

Convinced that sport is both a factor in good health and social integration, the SMB-Winning Foundation sponsors the Wakriya Athletic Club (WAC). The football club, playing in League 1, has a domain in Boké where it plans to set up a small football academy, with the declared ambition of growing and achieving its autonomy.

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