CSR at the heart of SMB’s strategy and values

From the beginning of the project, SMB has treated its CSR policy as a priority, taking its environmental and social impact into account along the entire chain of operations.

To ensure that its CSR policy meets the highest international standards, SMB relies on two leading partners in the field: the Société d’Expertises Environnementales et Sociales (SEES) and the company Louis Berger.

SMB signed a framework agreement with the Guinean company SEES concerning conducting a series of studies and various services to allow for the mining of the Société Minière de Boké’s (SMB) bauxite reserves in compliance with international standards (World Bank standard), as well as its varying industrial infrastructure.

SEES will thus conduct Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA), followed by Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMP) and Resettlement Action Plans (RAP) on its new permits for Santou and Houda (Télimélé Prefecture), as well as on the route of the railway corridor (137 km) and on the establishment of the future unit processing bauxite into alumina.

SEES will identify all the components of the natural and human environments likely to be affected by the project. The studies will also establish a detailed inventory that will determine the various potential impacts during all the phases of the project.

SMB has also partnered with Louis Berger, a global engineering consulting firm, to help with the Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) in order to update and revitalize its Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) in conjunction with SEES.

Louis Berger will also develop a plan for additional priority measures and help the SMB-Winning Consortium set up a proper environmental management system (EMS) meeting its obligations to sustainable development.


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