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Foot for Change

The Foot for Change Programme

Foot for Change is a project to promote athletic and academic excellence for young girls in Guinea. Officially launched in January 2019 by the SMB-Winning Foundation, the objective of the Foot for Change program is to offer young Guinean girls who are passionate about sports and aspire to succeed in their academic careers a double quality education, thus facilitating their socio-professional integration.

Fighting against the prejudices on the female sport is the best way to promote the equality between men and women in the Guinean economic and social life. As a guarantee of openness and inclusion, sport can help break down barriers and free Guinean women from the obstacles that hinder them. Through the values it inculcates, sport is a vehicle for performance and personal and professional development. By training the great sportswomen of today, we are preparing the leaders of tomorrow.


About Foot for Change

  • In 2022: 200 selected girls benefit from the sports coaching program
  • They are between 17 and 23 years old
    12 players from the program have been selected by the Guinean Football Federation to participate in international matches
  • The SMB-Winning Foundation will cover the school fees of the beneficiary players, which will amount to more than 180 million Guinean francs in 2022-2023

“Through sports, we want to instill in young Guinean women the culture of merit, the notion of working hard, of being courageous and persevering. Foot for Change is a real development instrument, an ambitious project that touches on human, social, educational, health, sports, cultural and political issues, and above all, it is 100% female! It is a step forward in the fight against discrimination against women in sport and a strong signal in favor of women’s emancipation.”

Dienaba Hann-Keïta

2023 sponsor of the Foot for Change program