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Our Commitments for the Environment

Our Actions to Preserve the Environment

Our approach values the water, land and climate potential of the environments in which we operate on a daily basis. It is therefore essential to preserve the conditions of a stable natural environment, which is essential to the viability of our activities.
One of our strategic priorities is to integrate sustainability into our activities by building economic, social and environmental legacies and mitigating the impacts of our operations. This includes building strong and lasting relationships with our stakeholders, including local communities, investing in mitigating the effects of our activities, working with international standards, being transparently managed and actively contributing to environmental, biodiversity and sustainable development progress.

Striving to Preserve Ecosystems

SMB protects the surrounding communities from any potential negative impact on their environment, ecosystem and water quality. To this end, SMB has organized actions to identify sources of pollution that may be caused by mining activities, with a systematic treatment of the causes of pollution. SMB wanted its environmental preservation initiatives to be truly participatory, in order to include the local residents concerned and increase their scope and effectiveness.

As part of the SMB-Winning Consortium, SMB also participates in annual reforestation campaigns in the Boké prefecture. Alongside many other institutional stakeholders or from the private sector and Guinean civil society, the aim is to reforest areas threatened by soil degradation and erosion in order to curb the effects of global warming.

SMB is convinced that the viability of a structuring project depends on its sustainable dimension and on taking into account the interests of local communities. By wishing to develop a more environmentally friendly bauxite supply chain.