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Our Commitments

Our CSR Policy

Sustainability, a cornerstone of our activities

One of our priorities is to integrate sustainability into our business by building an economic, social and environmental legacy and minimizing the negative impacts of our operations. This includes building lasting relationships with our stakeholders and local communities, investing in mitigating the environmental impacts of our activities, working to meet international standards, being transparent in our management and actively contributing to protecting biodiversity and promoting sustainable development.
SMB is singular in always giving primary importance to the local impact of its mining activities:

Guinee. 01/2019. Aire de maraichage.

Our Commitments toward Local Communities

SMB creates a continuum of activities across the entire bauxite value chain by placing its partnership with communities at the heart of its actions. We have initiated numerous programs to promote the well-being of populations and local development in the health, cultural and educational sectors.

Our Commitments for Agriculture

While Bauxite mining is our core business, SMB is committed to agricultural development, as demonstrated by our work in the Boké region. More broadly, in Guinea, agriculture is still an underdeveloped sector, but one with immense potential.

Guinee. 01/2019. Serres prés de Katougouma.
Guinee. 01/2019. Aire de maraichage.

Our Commitments for the Environment

Our approach values the water, land and climate potential of the environments in which we operate on a daily basis. It is therefore essential to preserve the conditions of a stable natural environment, which is essential to the viability of our activities.