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Our Commitments toward Local Communities

To serve local communities, SMB generates employment and is a powerful lever for modernizing infrastructure and generating growth, both in Boké and throughout Guinea.

We attach the utmost importance to the local impact of our mining activities: today, SMB employs nearly 1,800 people, 95% of whom are Guineans, and relies on more than 100 direct and indirect subcontractors. SMB meets its challenges through the commitment of its employees and also works to support new talents: it supports Guinean students interested in the mining sector in their studies. This initiative was formalized in the partnership agreement of February 23, 2022 between the SMB-Winning consortium and the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation (MESRSI): students benefit from internship agreements that allow them to immerse themselves in the activities of SMB.

CSR as a Driver for Local Success

In Guinea, the mining sector constitutes 25% of the national GDP. Bauxite, gold and diamonds represent on average 85% of the country’s exports. As the largest bauxite producer in Guinea today, SMB is a central player in the country’s economic and social development. Our numerous initiatives in favor of local communities are part of our community development plan to promote our activities, benefiting the entire population and communities.

Moreover, SMB serves economic development for the the Boké region. While the mining areas are sometimes poorly served, the construction of infrastructure and transportation routes contributes to their integration and economic inclusion. SMB has built and expanded the Dapilon and Katougouma river terminals that make up the port of Boké, and constructed the Santou-Dapilon railroad, the first to be built in Guinea in nearly 50 years.

Over time, SMB has built and consolidated a vast network of mining roads to open up the region. In doing so, the strengthening of this road network has been accompanied by numerous successful road safety prevention and awareness campaigns, which have helped reduce the number of road accidents involving SMB vehicles.