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Who are we?

A major bauxite producer in Guinea and around the world

Société Minière de Boké (SMB) has become a leading producer and exporter of bauxite in Guinea. Since its founding in 2014, SMB has been a pioneer in the construction of road, rail and logistics infrastructure for the bauxite value chain. It produces 34 million tons in 2022, which is projected to reach nearly 36 million tons in 2023 and 38 million tons in 2024. Today, SMB’s contribution represents 38% of national production and 41% of Guinea’s bauxite exports. SMB has thus enabled Guinea to become the world’s second largest bauxite producer.

Our purpose: an everyday commitment to local development

SMB’s ambition is to make bauxite a cornerstone of Guinea’s economic development, both through its contribution to the economic and social development of rural areas and through the investments the SMB makes to improve the living conditions of local communities. Our project includes the Boffa-Boké railroad, in which we have invested USD 3.5 billion and which has opened up the entire Boké region. Our strategy is to transform the economic impetus of the extractive activity into long-term economic diversification.

SMB was the first Guinean mining operator to build reference infrastructures that benefit the entire Boké region. As such, we are committed to facilitating a local redistribution of the benefits, notably for the surrounding populations, education, employment and priority sectors such as agribusiness. SMB maintains strong and sustainable relationships with its stakeholders in order to comply with demanding international standards and to actively contribute to progress related to the environment, biodiversity and sustainable development.