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Our Commitments for Agriculture

SMB is helping to address many issues in the Boké region, particularly in terms of agricultural development and building development infrastructure. Our community-based approach focuses on rural women, who represent 53% of the country’s agricultural workforce, while the primary sector represents 52% of the Guinean workforce. We are committed to working with the NGO Évolution to create an agricultural cooperative run solely by women in Kolaboui, thereby promoting their empowerment.

Above all, we are committed to contributing to the development of this sector through its program of support for agricultural communities. SMB funds numerous projects to enable farmers to double their yields and strengthen the resilience of their farms along the riverbanks through the construction of dams, training and skills upgrading, equipment donations, and the development of agricultural areas.

In order to preserve Guinea’s high agricultural potential, SMB has set up a program to support the farming communities of Boké: SMB is developing the territories along its Santou-Dapilon railroad, covering an area of more than 3,000 hectares, to produce “SMB-Winning rice”, while improving the usual yields. The first harvest took place on April 26, 2022 after 4 months of cultivation, work and effort, in close collaboration with the population and the involvement of experts in the sector . This is why the SMB project is intended to open up the entire Boké region, but also to develop agricultural and agro-industrial activities along this entire growth route.

Our Key Actions in Favor of Farming Communities, our First Partners