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Boke-Environment: the SMB-WINING Consortium launches the planting of 6,000 seedlings at the Dabiss Mine

The SMB-WINING Consortium launched this Wednesday, August 10, 2022, in the sub-prefecture of Dabiss, prefecture of Boké, a vast operation of planting of 6 thousand plants composed of four (04) local species, namely, cashew nut, afzélia africana (Lengué), caya Sénégalensis, Tamarindis india, parkia bigloboza (néré) and Mélina arboréa

This year (2022), the SMB-Wining Consortium plans to restore 100ha on the Dabiss Mine.

It is the regional inspector of environment and sustainable development, N’Faly Camara who gave the kick-off of this campaign on the Mine of Silikonko in the sub-prefecture of Dabiss.

The SMB-WINING Consortium, according to the Coordinator in charge of biodiversity, Ibrahima Kalil Baldé, “Reforested 346ha in 2017, 102ha in 2018, 324ha in 2021 and more than 180ha planned for the year 2022.”

This campaign, according to Mr. Baldé, brings back topsoil…