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Boké-Agriculture: The SMB-WINING Consortium launches the harvest of 3,000m2 of rice in the Batipon-Wamounou plain

The development of any nation relies on food self-sufficiency, a cornerstone for attaining sustainable development goals.

The SMB-Wining Consortium carried out, starting January to April 2022, the experimentation of three (03) imported varieties of rice Gawal R1, FARO44 and CK801, a local variety in the Wamounou plain, Sarabaya district, sub-prefecture of Kolaboui in the Boké prefecture.

The kick-off of the harvest was given by the prefect of Boké, Colonel Sény Sylver Camara in the presence of members of the general management of the SMB-WINING Consortium, women’s groups and youth associations of Wamounou as well as the staff of ANPROCA (National Agency for Rural Promotion).